Pro-Am Results, Wednesday Night

Malcolm Gilbert finishes with a double-double, and Talib Zanna comes close to one with 21 points and 9 rebounds as part of Wednesday night's action.

GNC 90 64
The first game of the evening matched up Steel City Tickets and GNC.  The second game of the summer for both of these teams got off to a rugged start as both teams struggled to find their shooting touches in the early going. Youngstown State high-riser Kendrick Perry, we've heard this name a lot last summer and in the early going this summer, scored eight straight points himself featuring a variety of dunks and showing off his shooting range.  Perry finished with 19 points.  The hot shooting start of Perry and the tough start for the Steel City duo Dante Taylor and Durand Johnson let GNC go into halftime up 46-25.


In the second half it was much of the same, as GNC couldn't seem to handle all of the scoring options of GNC.  Incoming Duquesne freshman Derrick Colter put in another strong effort as he was aggressive attacking the basket and not afraid to show his shooting range leading to a 17-point game.  He also helped create opportunities for his teammates and allowed West Virginia's Keaton Miles to display his athleticism around the basket.  Miles, 23 points and 9 rebounds, was aggressive the whole game inside and served as a matchup problem for Steel City.  Dante Taylor drastically picked up his intensity in the second half attempting to will his team to a comeback. It was too little too late as GNC continued to pour in the points finishing with a 90-64 win.  Taylor finished with 7 points and 5 rebounds while Durand Johnson finished with 15 points.


South Hills Audi 73 Oliverio's Peppers 66
Game two featured the best individual performance of the evening. That was turned in by West Virginia guard Jabarri Hines.  Hines was a matchup nightmare for South Hills Audi throughout the game as he flashed his quickness and strength when attacking the basket.  Hines led Oliverio's Peppers with 27 points.  While Hines may have turned in the best individual performance of the night it unfortunately wasn't enough to produce a win for his team. The veteran-led South Hills Audi team displayed toughness inside behind 6'10 Kyle Goldcamp who had a monster dunk off of a terrific pass from Griffen Abel.  Clinging to a 39-27 half time lead, the second half was the Chevon Troutman show.  Troutman displayed his toughness inside as he led South Hills Audi with 26 points and 14 rebounds.  South Hills Audi also received a nice contribution from former Pitt player John DeGroat who finished with 13 points.


The game also featured the debut on incoming Duquesne freshman Ovie Soko who had the unenviable task of being matched against Troutman for much of the evening.  The second half also saw former Beaver Falls standout and former Nebraska guard Lance Jeter hit a few shots. Jeter finished with 14 points.


UPMC 72 SPK Law 61
The nightcap of the evening featured the debut of the seventh team in the league; SPK Law.  This team features Pitt guard John Johnson and forward Talib Zanna.  At the outset of the game it was clear the chemistry Johnson and Zanna have playing with each other as they were showing off their pick-and-roll moves with Johnson making very good decisions.  One of the bright spots of the game has to be the maturation of Johnson's decision-making, playing very under control while serving as his team's point guard.  The game also had an intriguing matchup inside with Zanna going up against his Pitt teammate Malcolm Gilbert.  Zanna finished with 21 points and 9 rebounds. He battled tough inside, and was very aggressive with his low post moves--offering a lot of tip-in opportunities for SPK Law.  The opponent, UPMC, received a terrific effort out of Pitt guard Cameron Wright who showed up ready to play from the beginning.  Instantly, Wright had two very nice passes to Duquesne guard Sean Johnson for a lay up and dished another assist to big man Malcolm Gilbert.  Wright finished with a quality stat line of 8 points and 3 assists.


The second night of the Summer League featured improved play across the board and offered many bright spots for Pitt fans.  Two items that need to be pointed out was the tenacity and passion Dante Taylor showed tonight.  Taylor showed glimpses tonight of how he can attempt to will his team to a comeback, playing extremely aggressive on the defensive end.  Second, the maturation of John Johnson and the quality shots he took was a major bright spot.  Johnson took open shots and did not seem to force anything tonight. That could be a great sign for Pitt if Johnson can sure up the backcourt depth.

GNC 2-0, 174, 146
PGT 1-0, 78, 63
South Hills Audi 1-1, 155, 150
UPMC 1-1, 136, 131
Oliverio's Peppers 1-1, 132, 137, 0-2, 127, 168
SPK Law 0-1, 62, 71

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