Orndoff Recaps Pitt Passing Camp

The pressure has been off of Seton-LaSalle's Scott Orndoff for awhile--being committed to Pitt since April. Therefore, competing at the Pitt passing camp over the weekend was less about trying to make an impression, and more about just going out and playing football.

Scott Orndoff didn't have to impress anyone this past weekend. He's been committed to Pitt for over two months, and was the first prospect to verbally commit to Pitt's 2013 class.

With all the recruiting long out of the way, Orndoff summed up this past weekend's 7-on-7 passing camp as just a way of having fun and getting to work on some of his team's offseason goals.

"It was nice just playing in front of the Pitt coaches in a relaxed situation," Orndoff said, "It was a nice chance to show what are team can do. (Seton-LaSalle quarterback) Luke (Brumbaugh) made some nice throws. I thought we did pretty well."

Seton-LaSalle head coach Greg Perry isn't afraid to take his team to other camps to get his players exposed, or just give his players a chance to see another campus. The previous weekend, Orndoff and his teammates were at Bowling Green's 7-on-7. Going to Pitt this weekend, Orndoff said there was one thing noticeable right away.

"One thing I noticed, and I told the Pitt coaches this, is that the competition was much better at Pitt," Orndoff said. "We were down four players, due to some small injuries, yet we still competed and I thought we did very well."

The weekend was capped with Orndoff getting another future teammate, as Clairton's Titus Howard committed to the Panthers after the camp was over Sunday.

"I didn't find out he committed until I got home, but that's great," Orndoff said.

In addition to that, Pitt's 2012 recruiting class moved into their dorms on Sunday, and began their conditioning program Monday. Orndoff said there's a level of excitement for him just seeing that.

"It's pretty cool, because that's where I'll be in a year," Orndoff said. "I know those players, and they're now with the team. It's time for them to start working and join the process, and I'm not too far off."

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