News And Notes: Conference Updates

Boise State, ACC and Orange Bowl all announce news that affect the future of where Pitt is going.

With offseason news typically slow in July for college athletics as a whole, Boise State, the ACC and the Orange Bowl all announced some stipulations in regards to their conference futures.

Boise State announced--officially--that it will join the Big East as a football member for the 2013 season. Whether it by coincidence, the Broncos will finish out the 2012-13 school year in the Mountain West Conference, effective June 30, 2013.

That's not all with Boise State. In what appears to be a Notre Dame-type agreement (football-only for one with other sports all under a separate conference flag), the Broncos will play football-only in the Big East, while its remaining teams will jump to the Big West Conference to compete with the likes of Hawaii--the confrernce's most recent addition--and the remaining schools all in the state of California. Boise State is still in talks with the Big West, but at this point, talks appear only a formality.

What does that mean for Pitt? Well, nothing as of yet, other than it's unlikely the Panthers will get to experience the Blue Turf at Boise State. The University filed suit against the Big East on May 11, in an attempt to sever ties with the conference prior to its mandatory exit of 2014, according to conference by-laws. Though things look good for Pitt moving to the ACC for the 2014 season, nothing is guaranteed. Certainly Boise State making a formal announcement Tuesday helps Pitt's case.

As for Pitt's future home, the ACC announced an agreement with the Orange Bowl. Starting after the 2014 season, the ACC Champion will head to the Orange Bowl as part of a 12-year deal. That means should Pitt win the ACC--it is guaranteed they would head straight to Miami on January 1. The conference also announced that the game will be played every year on January 1, with a 1 pm start.

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