Pitt Roster Update

Check out the number changes, position changes and what numbers the incoming freshmen have been assigned for the 2012 season.

Not too much of a change here. Tino Sunseri stays with 12, with Mark Myers and Trey Anderson staying with 11 and 10, respectively. Chad Voytik, who wore number 8 in high school, will start off at Pitt wearing 16. Anthony Gonzalez wore 8 last year, but will wear 28 and move to the defensive backs. Gonzalez was at quarterback for his true freshman year, and in the spring of 2011. He moved to receiver in camp last year. Though the secondary is deep this year, there will be a need at safety in 2013 with the looming graduations of Andrew Taglianetti and Jarred Holley.

Ray Graham stays with number 1, and Isaac Bennett stays with 34. Malcolm Crockett moves from 7 to 37--Derrick Burns' old number. It appears, though it is not official, that Burns' career is over after he was rushed to the hospital in the spring for an undisclosed medical condition. Corey Davis moves from 9 to 19 this year. Incoming freshman Rushel Shell takes number 4, after wearing number 1 for his high school career. Mark Giubilato stays at 43, while Ohio State transfer David Dunham takes number 32. Desmond Brown keeps 30.

Returning veterans Mike Shanahan, Cameron Saddler and Devin Street all keep their numbers--87, 5 and 15, respectively. Josh Brinson, who wore 19 last year, takes 7 this year--Malcom Crockett's former number. Ronald Jones keeps number 14 from last year. Brandon Ifill--who moved to receiver in the spring--sticks with 20. It might be a little easier to separate twin receivers Chris Davis and Demitrious Davis, Chris will wear 22, while Demitrious gets number 81. Brendon Felder--who wore 16 last year, after transferring in from North Carolina. Salath Williams moves from 17 to 85. Kevin Weatherspoon and Ed Tinker keep their same respective numbers, 88 and 84. Walk-on Brett Zuck keeps his same 36 from his first two years.

Hubie Graham and Brendan Carozzoni keep 83 and 80, respectively. Freshman J.P Holtz starts off with number 86, following the departure of Sam Collura. Drew Carswell will keep the same number 6 he wore last year.

Most of the returning linemen will keep their same numbers; Ryan Turnley with 75, Chris Jacobosn with 54, Juantez Hollins with 70, Matt Rotheram with 74, Ryan Schlieper with 76, Cory King with 78, Arthur Doakes with 56, Artie Rowell with 57, Shane Johnson with 64. The only changes are Zenel Demhasaj from 67 to 52 and Tom Ricketts from 55 to 68. Freshman Adam Bisnowaty gets number 69, while Gabe Roberts takes 71. Justin Virbitsky goes from 66 to 63.

Most of the same numbers, with just a few changes. T.J. Clemmings, Khaynin Mosley-Smith and Bryan Murphy all stay with 90, 95 and 93, respectively. Aaron Donald also keeps his number 97 from last year. Shayne Hale keeps 45. Tyrone Ezell moves back to 50 from 91. He also wore 50 for his first two years in the program. Taking over 91 is freshman Darryl Render. Freshman Terrell Jackson gets 55, and LaQuentin Smith--who moved over to the defensive line in the spring--goes from 10 to 98. Brandon Sacco--who rejoined the team in the spring--moves to the defensive line from the offensive line. Sacco gets number 60. Jack Lippert and Devin Cook also keep their old numbers, 72 and 92 respectively.

Not much change with the returning vets. Dan Mason, Shane Gordon, Todd Thomas and Eric Williams keep 40, 44, 8 and 49, respectively. Ejuan Price gives up his old number 5--also his high school number--and will wear 46 this year. Freshman Devon Porchia gets 47. Mike Caprara gets his high school number, 30. Nicholas Grigsby keeps 3. Seniors Joe Trebitz and Manny Williams keep 53 and 36, respectively. Jason Frimpong--who moved to linebacker in the spring--keeps 26. Walk-on Adam Lazenga goes from 49 to 40, while Emanuel Rackard goes from 28 to 59.

No changes for the returning veterans. K'Waun Williams, Jarred Holley, Andrew Taglianetti, Jason Hendricks and Ray Vinopal all keep 2, 18, 41, 25 and 9, respectively. Lafayette Pitts keeps 23, Cullen Christian keeps 24, Steve Williams keeps 29 and Lloyd Carrington keeps 27. Walk-on Marco Pecora keeps 11. As for the incoming freshmen, Jahmahl Pardner gets number 10--LaQuentin Smith's old number. Deaysean Rippy gets 17, Salath Williams' old number. Bam Bradley gets 21, the number worn by Buddy Jackson for the last five seasons. Incoming freshman Trenton Coles gets 31. E.J. Banks--who moved to offense for the spring, and wore number 4 for the spring--goes back to the defensive backs, and takes back his previous number of 35. Roderick Ryles--who wore 6 last year--takes number 12 this year. Freshman Ryan Lewis starts off at number 38.

No change at all. Kevin Harper sticks with 39, long snapper Kevin Barthelemh sticks with 58, punter Matt Yoklic is still at 92 and reserve kicker Drake Greer sticks with 48.

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