Pro-Am Tips Off Playoffs On Monday

Durand Johnson's 34 points highlight Monday's playoff action. Dante Taylor, Steven Adams, Malcolm Gilbert and Talib Zanna all finish in double-figures with rebounds.

PGT 97, SPK 83
In the first game the, 7th seeded SPK Law team led by Pitt big man Talib Zanna went up against the second seeded PGT Trucking team consisting of Steven Adams and Lamar Patterson. The game got off to a rough start as both teams struggled to find their consistency.  As the game progressed, Patterson did what he has been doing throughout the summer league and that is show that he is nearly unstoppable on offense.  Patterson, who finished with 24 points continues to display consistency on offense both attacking the basket and shooting the ball from behind the arc.


Although PGT took a 50-44 lead into halftime, Adams suffered from sub par first half.  The good news is the second half was much different as Adams appeared to find his groove and was much more physical going up for rebounds and much more aggressive on offense.  Adams who had a tough matchup against Pitt teammate Talib Zanna finished with 20 points and 14 rebounds. Zanna continues to display a much more versatile and multi-dimensional offensive approach this summer as he appears much more confident handling the ball and taking defenders off the dribble.

Steel City Tickets 91, South Hills Audi 85
The second game of the evening featured the sixth seeded Steel City Tickets team going up against the third seeded South Hills Audi team.  South Hills depended upon the veteran leadership of former Pitt players such as Chevy Troutman, Gilbert Brown, and Levance Fields.


Entering the second half down four points, Steel city relied heavily on Durand Johnson in the second half as he had the best individual performance of the summer.  Johnson who finished with 34 points, had two monstrous dunks in the second half to go along with multiple three pointers as he was proving to be nearly unstoppable--a 4-9 performance from beyond the arc.


UPMC 83, Oliverio's Peppers 78
In the night cap, UPMC prevailed over Oliverio's Peppers.  Early on, Pitt guard Cameron Wright and teammate Malcolm Gilbert were proving to be matchup problems for Oliverio's Peppers.  Gilbert, who has continued to progress this summer had another solid game as he finished with 15 points and 12 rebounds.  Gilbert was 7-9 from the field. Wright who had 14 points continued to be aggressive taking the ball to the basket and attempting to get to the free throw line.

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