Q&A: Jarred Holley

Jarred Holley says it was tough having to sit out this spring, but feels because of it he'll be able to be even more productive this coming season.

Has the feeling of it being your senior year settled in?
It really hasn't settled in yet, but I'm real excited to get back out there with the other guys and get the season rolling.

What was the spring like, having to sit out with another new coach?
It's frustrating. As a bystander, you want to be involved, and as a player, you want to be out there with your teammates practicing. It was hard to swallow, but for the better of the team, to be ready for camp.

What might be new and different about your role in this defense?
Obviously, just knowing the scheme, knowing where people are supposed to be and put them in the right places. Being able to play off of one another, so everybody is on the same page out there; wide-open running lanes or busted coverages.

What can this year's secondary bring to to the team?
It's great playing with a bunch of guys that have that kind of game experience and have been out therebefore. It's a lot easier to talk about what's going on during the game with somebody else, and try to get their input on what they see. Being able just to talk about it as a group, I think that's big for a team and a secondary to gel together.

Just being out there and playing hard, each and every play. Our job is to get the offense back on the field, and make sure that other team doesn't score. That's the pressure we have on us, is just getting the other team doesn't score. That's the pressure we have on us.

Are you looking to finish your career with any records or personal accolades?
All that stuff, it's very humbling. It's very nice to hear, but I love playing with my teammates every Saturday, and going out to try to get the win.

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