Quote Sheet: Rushel Shell

Rushel Shell shares his thoughts at the start of Pitt's 2012 training camp.

What's it like, just making the jump from high school to college.
It's emotionally a learning experience. I'm just trying to learn everyone from all the running backs, get their knowledge of the game and mix it with my knowledge of the game, and try to better understand what I'm doing on the field.

Is there any transition at ball, being you carried the ball so many times in high school?
In a way, because I'm used to getting the ball 35 times a game.

Is it overwhelming, in any way?
Not really. Everything that worked in high school got me prepared to try to challenge myself to get better at the next level. I'm just taking it day by and to get myself better.

Is it a learning experience?
You can learn a lot. Like today, I learned a lot of things that I never knew coming out of a running back spot. Isaac, Ray, even Corey Davis, they were all just telling me things--little things--that make you great and separate you from the good.

What is the challenge?
Just coming in and proving myself to the veteran players on the team, that they can trust me to put me in the game. They don't have to worry about me being a freshman and making freshman mistakes.

I think that should be all right. Like I said, its just day by day, trying to get better at the small things that take you from being good to being great.

Was there any point where you felt like you were making a mistake?
Yeah, definitely. It was the third time I got the ball, and everything was just a lot quicker, you can't think anymore. You have to just do it. I'm just trying my best to get it all down pact.

What can you say about the depth at your position?
From one spot to the last spot, there's eat athletes. Those guys, they have a great owl edge of the game right now. I just want to get my knowledge up to somewhat of their level. Every day, they're telling me things that are making me better.

Is it a smooth transition, overall?
Somewhat, I'm not going to say if it's 100 percent natural. There's still little things I have to iron out and figure out.

Is there a difference from the coaching standpoint, from high school to college?
Oh yeah, definitely. Every second, there's someone else screaming from a different position. It might not even be a running back's coach, it could be the lineman's coach. They're getting on you, but they're not getting on you in a bad way. They want you to do the right thing so you can succeed.

Is there a challenge in learning the playbook?
Yeah, in a way. There's a lot more terms you have to understand, reads and scans and stuff like that. It's a lot different than go school. In high school, it's 'go this way, go that way'

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