Q&A: Adam Bisnowaty

Adam Bisnowaty factored in early playing time when making a college decision. He admits he didn't expect to be in the mix as much as he is in his first training camp at Pitt.

Overall, on his first camp at Pitt
I feel pretty good, and I still have a lot of camp to go, a lot of learning to do.


What's the toughest thing in your transition from high school to college?
Really, probably the speed is the toughest thing. They always say the speed is quicker, and I expected it, but it's quicker here. That's the biggest thing right now.

Have you gained weight since coming here?
Yes, I gained about 20 pounds since I've been here. I'm around 295 right now. Probably a little more (weight to gain), probably around 300 or 305.

Is it more physical?
A lot more physical. It was good to get back out there. I haven't put pads on since December. It's good to get them back on and get going.

What's it like being one play away from being a first-teamer?
It's right there. One play, and you get in. It's pretty exciting. You never know. You just have to work hard and hope for the best.

Could you have predicted having this close of a shot at early playing time?
  That was one part of my decision—how quick I could get on the field. I didn't realize it would be this quick. It's good. I just have to keep working hard each day. You never know.

How is the rest of your freshman class coming together?
  For me, I think the whole team is coming together pretty well. Freshman-wise, I know there's a lot of guys out there on the second team. Everyone's getting a chance, and that's what we're all here for. Work as hard as we can.

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