Artis On Brink Of Decision

Jamel Artis says he's down to two schools, and his decision will come in the next few days.

The Atlantic Coastal Conference is a league based on athleticism and versatility. With the induction of Pitt basketball into the conference following this season, it seems as if the coaching staff at Pittsburgh is looking to add the successful elixir that has been evident in many of the other big-time programs throughout the ACC.

Enter Jamel Artis. The Baltimore native had an extremely successful showing in July, averaging around 20 points per game for his Nike Baltimore Elite squad. The 6'6 wing has the ability to play multiple positions on the floor and has great length on top of that.

Artis played this past year of high school ball at Vermont Academy but will be finishing up his schooling at Notre Dame Prep starting in September. The wing really broke out onto the scene during his junior year of play with his ability to score the ball in various ways around the bucket and also handle contact in more physical settings.

"The best parts of my game are my ability to create, rebound the ball, and push it. I like to do a little bit of everything. I do need to get better on defense and work on my quickness, though."

Artis seems pretty focused on finishing off his high school career on the right mark due to his physical capabilities and hard-working demeanor.

Before his senior year rolls around, Artis has a decision to be made and he seems pretty set on where he might be going.

"It is down to Pitt and La Salle," Artis said. "I am deciding by the end of the week. I visited La Salle this past weekend and visited Pitt in the middle of June. Both visits went well and they are both city schools, which I really like."

The crafty scorer is looking for immediate playing time, yet is not worried about what the coaches are telling him. He is just looking forward at coming in and competing. However, Pitt and La Salle have gone two different directions in recruiting Artis.

"I can trust the coaches at Pitt," Artis said. "The guys play hard every night. They get up and run and that's what I like to do; to rebound the ball and push it. They are recruiting me as a small forward. With La Salle, they are looking at me as a point guard, which is the spot that I mainly want to play in college."

It seems fitting that Artis is down to two programs that like to take advantage of opponent's turnovers and turn them into fast break points. Artis made that clear.

"I want to be on TV, so everybody can see me," Artis added

When the time comes this weekend for Artis to make his decision, one program is going to be very excited about their newest addition to the 2013 class. The two deciding factors that will enable for Artis to decide which city in Pennsylvania he will be attending college at?

"Who is going to push me and can I trust the coaching staff," Artis explained. "I am big on loyalty."

It seems as if Artis spoke pretty highly on his trust with the Pitt staff and hopefully that might go a long way in getting the wing to Oakland for four years of college ball.

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