Video: Chris Jacobson

There have been several key players going down with injuries throughout camp--one of the biggest stories surrounding this team. Despite recovering from a season-ending knee injury, Jacobson isn't one of them.

One of the reasons Chris Jacobson isn't one of them--a belief of himself and a belief of his position coach Jim Hueber--is just the daily routine and the rigors that Hueber puts his group through.

For Hueber, the philosophy is simple:

"There's a thing on the board, in there," Hueber said. "We need to be tough. we need to be accountable, we need to be durable. If you're not out there, you're not durable. That's what it is. You have to find a way to get on the field. If you find a way not to, we have the wrong five guys."

Of course, Hueber was also complimentary of the sixth-year senior in Jacobson. Not only is Jacobson leading the way, displaying toughness on and off the field, but Hueber feels he's doing everything that is asked of him--making us all wonder and forget about that season-ending knee injury suffered in the Iowa game.

"Just the fact that he's out there, the leadership that he can give us, and he knows we're trying to push him through," Hueber said. "He still has a little hesitancy on his outside leg when he does some stuff and we've got to push him through that because he's strong enough to do it. The fact that he's in the huddle, he's out there, guys are looking to him, it's not easy to take a play off now when a guy's out there after that. Not easy to beg out."

Jacobson talked about Hueber, Saturday's scrimmage, and the offensive line as a whole:

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