Video: Chad Voytik

Regardless of position, Chad Voytik is one of the players who has shown the most progression throughout the course of training camp.

Chad Voytik's play the last two days of training camp has created a buzz, especially with his teammates. Voytik scored on a short touchdown scramble to end practice. The way his teammates jumped on him and celebrated with him, you would have thought he just won them a game.

Also, on Tuesday, he had impressive completions to Drew Carswell and fellow freshman J.P. Holtz; a 35-yarder to Carswell, and a 15-yard score to Holtz.

It might be premature for head coach Paul Chryst to call Voytik a starter, or even a threat to be the starter. Chryst does see the progression with Voytik. As an offensive minded coach, one in his first year as a head coach at Pitt, he has to be thrilled with Voytik's progression based on the thin depth at quarterback.

"I think he's getting better with each rep. And not that every rep is always right, which you want it to be, (but) I think he's learning from them and he's taking advantage of the work he's getting. So it's been good to see him grow in here." On the effect of Voytik's extra reps on his improvement: "Well, I think any time a guy gets reps, you've got a chance to get better," Chryst said. "You can study film and study a playbook, but that's not making it come to life. And so I think it's the best way to learn, by playing."

Here is what Voytik feels of his progress, and what he feels have been some of the challenges

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