Garner Expands On Pitt Transfer

Manasseh Garner talks about some of the things that led him to Pitt. Garner will start meeting with the team on Sunday, and will be available to practice with the team this year. He will have the distinction of playing in two conferences for his college career--the Big Ten and ACC. Because of the transfer rule, he will not see the field in Pitt's final year in the Big East.

Manasseh Garner is transferring from Wisconsin to Pittsburgh. He will be attending his first meetings with the team on Sunday, and be available to practice with the team on Monday.

The reasons for Garner transferring to Pittsburgh are plentiful and pretty obvious--closer to family and familiarity with the coaching staff, specifically Joe Rudolph who recruited him to Wisconsin from Brashear High School.

"One of the main reasons is just to be closer to my family," Garner said. "The coaching staff is just a plus. Familiarity I had with them under Coach Chryst at Wisconsin. The offensive scenario was just a plus in my eyes, but I wanted to be closer to my family."

Coming back for the family is big, and something he knew would be an obstacle when he moved away to Madison two years ago. It was the coaching staff at Wisconsin that gave him the impression, or recruited him in the sense that he would feel at home--which he did. Like he says, having Rudolph and company here now, as he looks to make a move for his family, is simply bonus.

"One of the first reasons for going to Wisconsin was just coaching in general," Garner said. "I knew I was going to be far away, but I had the coaches. Now, the coaches I had are at Pitt. Now that they're at Pitt, I have the same relationships I had when I was with Wisconsin."

In fact, Garner talked a little more about head coach Paul Chryst, and what he feels he's going to bring in his tenure at Pitt.

"First of all, Wisconsin, it's a very disciplined program," Garner said. "It's a program you have to buy in, and you get what you want out of it when you buy in. Coach Chryst and Coach Rudolph really displayed that. The work payed off. All the players that are there, they have held that. That is something I have applied to my everyday life. You really have to buy in. Coach Chryst and Coach Rudolph, they sell that pitch. That's one of the main things I'm attracted to."

Two new things for Garner, in his new stint under Chryst and Rudolph. One will be that after sitting out a year due to the transfer rule, he will have the distinction of playing in two conferences; the Big Ten and ACC. He will not play for Pitt in its final year of the Big East.

"I was just talking about that," Garner said. "I have family in the south that will be able to see me play. Just the opportunity to play in the south, play in the ACC. I will have gotten to play in both the ACC and Big Ten. That's quite an accomplishment."

The other, is that while he hasn't met his new position coach Bobby Engram, he is familiar with him and looking forward to that too.

"I get to go down to campus and meet the coaches tomorrow," Garner said. "I'm a little familiar with him. I know he played in the NFL; he played for the Seattle Seahawks. There's a little famiarity with him in terms of professional football. I am looking forward to meeting him."

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