Tuesday Wrap-Up

Pitt switches from training camp, to regular game week preparations. Here are some of the latest updates from the team, with comments from Devin Street, Tino Sunseri and Andrew Taglianetti.

Devin Street is back after what he calls an MCL sprain. It sounds like after two weeks off, he's getting back into game shape.

Andrew Taglianetti cautioned that Youngstown State is not a team to take lightly.

"They're not a team to overlook," Taglianetti said. "I think all I-AA teams can compete at the bigger level. They just don't get the credit for it. This definitely isn't a game that people should overlook. Youngstown State is a really good team."

And as for Tino Sunseri, he talked about the complexities of this offense under Paul Chryst as opposed to the previous system. He also took time to praise his offensive line--something that hasn't been talked about this camp, yet something Sunseri makes a valid point with.

"I'd say that's the position from spring to now that's improved the most," Sunseri said. "Those guys have really taken upon themselves to go into the film room and understand what's expected of them, and they understand what to do each and every day. If they mess up, those guys are in the film room making sure they make those corrections. I couldn't be prouder of those guys up front."

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