Newkirk Close To Decision

It was a big weekend for the Pitt basketball program as four-star point guard Josh Newkirk and five-star big man BeeJay Anya were in town. Newkirk gives us a recap of how the visit went.

Josh Newkirk is known for his decision-making abilities on the basketball floor. He has also relied upon these skills off the court to knock out numerous high-level basketball institutions from his college choice and is looking at an early October decision.

Before then, Newkirk recently broke down his final two college choices and what will be the deciding factors in picking between the finalists.

Newkirk visited Pittsburgh this past weekend and he spoke very highly of the visit.

"It went really well," Newkirk said. "I got a better feel for the basketball program."

Newkirk was not alone on his visit, as he was joined by Pitt commit Mike Young and 2013 center BeeJay Anya. It sounds like Young has been doing his very best to recruit the Carolina product to Oakland.

"Me and Mike talk almost every other day," Newkirk said. "He just wants me to be his point guard for the next four years."

The group of three elite level prospects took in the Pitt-Virginia Tech football game that resulted in a giant upset win on Pitt's part.

"The fan support was great at the football game," Newkirk said. "They were 0-2, but they won their first game against number 13, Virginia Tech."

Newkirk has already visited Georgia Tech three times unofficially and will visit Atlanta this coming weekend officially. Newkirk seems to already have a good feel for each school, but is excited about either program that he chooses.

"I really like Pitt since they are going to the ACC and the winning tradition they have," Newkirk said. "With Georgia Tech, they have a great reputation and they are selling me on their great history with point guards."

Newkirk is excited about whichever program he ends up going to. He expects to be able to come in and contribute most by attacking the basket and facilitating for his teammates.

Though his commitment might still be a few weeks away, Newkirk spoke very highly on the interest he has received from the Pitt staff and on one coach in particular.

"Coach (Brandin) Knight is real cool," Newkirk said. "Since he played point guard at Pitt, he just keeps telling me what it was like when he was at Pitt."

Along with the winning tradition at Pitt, the 2013 guard is also intrigued with writing. Academics is also a strongsuit for him. Newkirk carries a 3.0 GPA into his senior year of high school.

"I plan on majoring in journalism or writing in college," Newkirk adds.

After this weekend's trip to Atlanta is over with, Newkirk will return to his home and continue to work on his vocal and leadership abilities on the court, along with adding range to his jumper. The distance between his family and his new college destination will not be a deciding factor, yet two components will ultimately help him decide on attending Pitt or Georgia Tech.

"I want to go where I will become the most successful and where I can contribute the most," Newkirk said.

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