Newkirk Finds A Home In Pittsburgh

Initially, the plan was to take one more visit, then decide. Instead, Josh Newkirk felt that much at home at Pitt, that the choice had already been made.

The plan was for Josh Newkirk to visit Georgia Tech this weekend and to return home and make an early October commitment to either the Atlanta university, or the University of Pittsburgh.

However, when you have a gut instinct and feel comfortable somewhere, you tend to get excited and want to call that place home. Newkirk fell in love with the Pitt campus after this past weekend's visit to Oakland and decided to make it official that he would become a Pitt Panther for the next four years on Wednesday.

"I sat down with my family and coach and there was no need to wait any longer," Newkirk said. "I liked it and wanted to get it over with. Pitt just seems like the perfect fit!"

Newkirk made the decision around noon on Wednesday and received many complementary texts since then. One person in particular that is more upbeat than others with his recent commitment is incoming forward, Mike Young.

"Mike is real excited about me coming on board," Newkirk said. "He texted me the other day and we are talking about the next four years together and what we can accomplish."

The two recently were joined on their official visit by fellow 2013 classmate, BeeJay Anya. The center would be an absolute perfect piece for anyone's recruiting class; however, Young and Newkirk are taking it upon themselves to bring the big fella to the Pete.

"We are working on BeeJay and texting him in trying to bring him in with us for the next four years," Newkirk said.

There has been much talk on Newkirk's commitment on what he exactly brings to the backcourt for his stay in Pittsbugh. Many have questioned whether Newkirk and freshman, James Robinson, can co-exist together. The Carolina point guard dismissed the notion abruptly and was very upbeat in playing alongside his future backcourt mate.

"James texted me congrats and welcomed be on board when I committed," Newkirk said. "I feel like I complement James well since he can do some things that I can't, and I can do some things that he can't."

If the two can co-exist at the same time on the floor, Pitt has an explosive combo of lead guards that are ultra-competitors and can really facilitate well for not just each other, but the rest of their team.

No matter what though, Newkirk is extremely excited about Pitt's transition over to the ACC. Though it was not the deciding factor in his commitment, Newkirk did say that it did score major bonus points when it came to selecting his school of choice.

"Pitt was just the perfect fit for me," Newkirk said. "The way the players welcomed me on my visit, to my relationship with Coach Dixon and his relationship with my parents, and the move to the ACC, it was just too good to pass up."

One thing is for sure though, Newkirk is already looking forward to bringing some excitement and energy to the Pitt campus during his stay. "Just get ready cause it's gonna be big when I get there!"

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