Q&A: K'Waun Williams

K'Waun Williams still on the mend, but talks about the Pitt defense improving over the last two games and what to expect coming off the bye week.

On facing the Big East's top passing attack:
They usually get there pretty fast, playing off the edge. They all bring different things to thegame. I think we match up with them pretty fine.

On what the Syracuse receivers do well:
Speed, size, they're physical, they can block. They do a lot of double moves. It's pretty much the same from what I've been seeing. They've mastered what they've been doing.

Coming off the bye week:
It definitely helps a lot, but every game is a new challenge. We still have to go out there and match up and be confident enough to match up with these guys.

On Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib:
He definitely makes his reads, and gets the ball out better. We just bring a lot of energy. We just run to the ball, just being physical, just being real upbeat about everything.

On freshman corner Lafayette Pitts:
He's definitely improving. He's coming along good. He's covering well. For a young guy, he's definitely stepping up. I think the bye week can help everybody. If we can just sit there and look at all the games; re-evaluate and work on the stretch of games that's coming up.

On the season thus far:
I didn't play in a couple of them, but I've definitely seen a lot I can improve on. I made most of the corrections.

Having a week to just practice, and focus on learning the defense more:
It did (help). I guess guys started to buy in. We're really starting to put it together on defense. I think it realy helped.

Having a third defense in three years:
We always trusted it. Seeing it all evolve over the big games, it really got everyone motivated. We really got into it.

Having a bye week from a health standpoint, for him and for the team:
It was good; a lot of time for us to recover. Practice was still pretty physical. I think most of the guys are pretty healthy. They're a young group, but they're definitely stepping up.

What Dan Mason's return to the field brought:
Mason, he brings a lot of energy; a lot of energy to the game. Pretty much, yeah. There was a lot of problems with that. I think we start to put it together. All the corners and the safeties are in-tune, and the linebackers too.

Syracuse as a rivalry game:
It's a big rivalry. Those guys are coming to compete. It's always a close game. It should be a good game coming up. Playing in a dome, it's like playing in the indoor (facility), I guess. It's probably going to be a little bit louder. We have a lot of signals to help us out.

Will crowd noise be a factor:
Noise in the indoor is pretty loud. You can't really hear anything on the field. You have to get your checks with hand signals. It's easy. It's pretty simple on defense. We can conversate, call out our signals.

Where the Carrier Dome ranks, in terms of toughest places to play:
I played there as a freshman. It was pretty tough. It's a pretty tough stadium, but like I said when they're on offense, it's pretty much quiet. They have to make their signals. It's not really challenging for us.

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