Coordinator Speak: Dave Huxtable

Buffalo outgained Pitt on Saturday 334-254 in total yards. While the defense kept the Bulls out of the offense, Dave Huxtable spent some time this week talking about what needs fixed.

Buffalo may have outgained Pitt, but it didn't show up on the scoreboard Saturday. Still, defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable recognizes the areas--Pitt's inabilities to make stops on third down, inability to get sacks (one on Saturday) and turnovers (one on Saturday).

Another area within this deficiency is tackling. In practice this week, the team is placing an added emphasis on tackling. It hasn't been that case all the time--but missed tackles resulted in several third down conversions, which led to the Bulls out gaining the Panthers on the ground 169-126.

"I think you always have to continue polishing your tackling," Huxtable said. "Some guys are natural at it. Other guys need a lot of work at it.

"The first key in tackling, is you have to want to make the tackle. There's no technique in that, you have to want to do it."

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