Video: One Last Go Around For Taylor

Dante Taylor has averaged 5 points and 4.4 rebounds a game in 104 career games played. He doesn't see it as a battle with Steven Adams, as much as it is working with him.

Steven Adams is in the starting lineup to start the regular season. Senior Dante Taylor doesn't appear to be too concerned about it.

Head coach Jamie Dixon expects to have different starting lineups this season, and doesn't want Friday's lineup to be his final lineup--meaning he wants to see continued competition at all spots.

While he feels Adams' defensive play is a work in progress, it sounds like Dixon wants to use Taylor at both the four and five positions.

When asked about it himself, Taylor says there's things he tries to pass on to Adams--your typical senior to freshman leadership. At the same time, he says he can also pick up a few things from Adams, too.

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