Video: Lamar Patterson

On paper, it might look like Lamar Patterson is off to a slow start. Instead, it's more a credit to having more help around him.

Lamar Patterson shared Team Co-MVP honors with Travon Woodall last year. Through three games this season, Patterson is averaging just 2.7 points a game.

Patterson got in some foul trouble in Pitt's most recent win over Lehigh, a game where Patterson sat the first 12 minutes of the second half.

As Patterson says here in this interview, he is not concerned. More importantly, head coach Jamie Dixon isn't concerned either.

""He's a guy that's really played well too," Dixon said. "His numbers don't show it, they don't shine, they don't stand out, but he's been playing really well in these three games. Had assists, unselfish, played good defense. I thought he's played really well even if it hasn't looked the bit. He's playing really good basketball. We're using the term hockey assist and he's a guy that's getting a lot of those. Making that pass and making that next pass."

The credit is to players around him. Instead of having to carry the workload, Patterson has more help around him. In time, we can expect Patterson's numbers to pick up to the level they were at the end of last season.

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