Orndoff Inches Closer To Pitt

Not that he needs to see any more of Pitt, but Scott Orndoff wouldn't turn down a chance at a Pitt basketball game, or a chance to connect with three players coming on for their official visit.

When it comes to attending Pitt basketball games, Scott Orndoff wasn't feeling too lucky. He was a little gunshy about attending another Pitt basketball game, and kept feeling that way through the first 30 minutes of the Pitt-Oakland contest.

"I thought it was pretty neat," Orndoff said. "I only went to two basketball games, and they lost. It was good to see as many students that were there, with the big crowd. That was neat to see. It's something I hadn't seen before."

Orndoff, who finished with 18 catches for 313 yards and 7 touchdowns as a senior, will take his official visit to Pitt in two weeks. This past weekend was simply an unofficial visit, a chance to get to a basketball game, and a chance to meet Robert Foster, Tyler Boyd and Dorian Johnson who were in on their official visit. Johnson, Orndoff says, is the one he knows the best; something that works out even better, as Johnson committed to the Panthers on Sunday.

"I talked to Robert and Tyler a title bit," Orndoff said. "I talked to Dorian a little. I know him the best out of all those guys. We just talked about our seasons. We didn't really talk much recruiting, because I'm sure he's tired of talking about all of that."

One thing that's a realistic possibility with Orndoff, is early playing time. This year, Pitt has had to get by with two tight ends in a lot of games, based on injuries. Pitt has shown the need to use three tight ends this season. Drew Carswell and J.P. Holtz each have two touchdown catches this season. If Orndoff was on the team this year, he would most certainly get on the field. With Hubie Graham graduating after this season, there's a very good chance for Orndoff to move in and get some playing time. Holtz is one of four true freshmen to see the field; and arguable the freshman with the most snaps played this season.

"That's the main thing that attracted me to Paul Chryst," Orndoff said. "Even when I was committed to Wisconsin; the fact that I can come in now. They're skinny on tight ends, and I can come in and see the field as a freshman.

"There's a thing they had this year; three tight end sets they couldn't even use. That's definitely something excited I'm looking forward to."

Aside from Foster, Boyd and Johnson, Orndoff said he had a chance to visit with the Pitt coaches and current players. He looks forward to his official visit where he'll get to visit with fellow members of his 2013 class; a class he feels is already close-knit.

"We've been coming tighter," Orndoff said. "A few of us back in spring, we all did a visit back in the spring. Then, we all came in for a Pitt game. We all get along pretty well."

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