Video: Shayne Hale

Just take it from Aaron Donald, when asked about the impact Shayne Hale is having on the defensive line.

The stat line may look a little different. Aaron Donald with seven tackles, three tackles for losses, a sack and a hurry. Shayne Hale was only credited with a hurry--one that actually knocked starting quarterback Gary Nova out of the game for two series,

The stat line may look different, but take it from Donald. Pitt's most disruptive defensive lineman says he wouldn't be able to do anything without Hale's presence.

"There's not too many tight ends that can block him, he's a big dude," Donald said. "He's getting out on that edge, and letting it all come to us. Then we're able to push it back out to him, he's making a big play too."

Here, Hale talks about his performance, about waiting his turn, and where the team is going from here.

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