Jarrett Ready To Get Started

Tyrique Jarrett is one of four prospects that will be signed and enrolled in January; joining TraVon Chapman, Scott Orndoff and Shakir Soto.

There's not much else Tyrique Jarrett needed to see, but it was nice to get back to Pittsburgh for his official visit.

Jarrett was here for an unofficial visit and a Pitt basketball game just a couple weeks ago.

"The visit was fun, I had a lot of fun," Jarrett said. "I'm already close with a lot of these coaches. I know these coaches well."

In fact, if he took one thing away from this past weekend, it was an even bigger bond with the coaching staff. Part of that is simply the idea that he'll be in the program in just a few weeks, looking forward to being prepared for spring drills, then using spring drills to just get a jump.

"I just made even more of a bond with these coaches," Jarrett said. "Every time I talk with them I feel more at home."

Jarrett also said he's getting to know the rest of the members of his 2013 recruiting class very well.

"It's kind of hard for me to learn names, but I've gotten to know these guys pretty well," Jarrett said. "TraVon Chapman, he's a really cool person. Everybody in this class, they're all really easy guys to talk to and get along with. Real easy-going personalities."

Being at home is obviously big factor for Jarrett; playing close to home. That's something Jarrett didn't have the luxury of this past year, spending the 2012 season at Milford (NY) Academy.

The toughest thing for Jarrett was just being away from home. The football part of it, the school, all that will benefit him from the start of Pitt. He feels even though it was tough to delay the start of his Pitt career by a semester, and the fact he had to move away from him, he feels Milford was beneficial to him.

"I'm even more excited for Pitt," Jarrett said. "Going to Milford, that experience just makes you more hungry. It's made me even more humble for this opportunity--just to have a scholarship, and being at Pitt."

He doesn't have to look to far for a few good examples of Pitt teammates who had to do the same thing--Todd Thomas, Khaynin Mosley-Smith and Jevonte Pitts.

"(Mosley-Smith) just told me sometimes in life, you just have to do these things," Jarrett said. "When I look back at it, I can think of it as a learning experience. It's just something I had to do, and looking back, something I loved to experience in getting to Pitt."

Going back to his relationship to the coaches, Jarrett says there's not too much talk about schemes or playbooks yet, but he is getting an idea of how this whole college thing is going to start off for him.

"They don't talk too much about the playbooks, but they did tell me what position I'm going to play, so I can be ready for spring ball," Jarrett said. "Coach (Inoke) Breckterfield said there's no favorites, and only the best play, so I have to go out and prove myself."

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