Kincade Looks Ahead To Senior Season

Chandler Kincade completed 154-of-245 passes for 2,220 yards, 16 touchdowns and just eight interceptions.

A 3-7 record isn't much to write about as a team, yet quarterback Chandler Kincade battled his way to some impressive numbers as a junior.

He isn't looking for any silver linings on his junior year. If he took anything, it's knowing that his team will return a lot next year. Not to mention, this past years team built some character--losing four of its seven games by a total of 11 points. Two more touchdowns would have resulted in a 7-3 record.

For now, it's on to basketball season. Kincade will play either the three or the four position on the hardwood.

"We're just getting ready for section play," Kincade said. "I will play all five positions, wherever they need me. I Iike playing the three or the four; anywhere inside. I have played point guard at times."

Though it's early in the offseason combine schedule, Kincade is planning on attending the Elite 11. The preliminary rounds will be held in late April or early May. Kincade has already been at one of those, competing at one after his ninth grade year.

"I went to the Ohio State one as a freshman, wanted to give myself more time (before the next one)," Kincade said.

This past fall, Kincade went to a couple of Pitt games and a game at West Virginia. He was quick to point out that his visit to West Virginia was simply to go with a friend, not to take any kind of visit.

"I went to a West Virginia game with one of my friends who was going with family," Kincade pointed out. "It wasn't a visit or anything."

In talking about his Pitt visits this year, he talked about the progression he saw in Pitt.

"For me to see how they progressed through the year, i was really impressed with that," Kincade said. "Starting with that Youngstown State game to the Notre Dame game to the Rutgers game, it was impressive to see how they came along. Offensively, if you look at quarterback, Tino Sunseri was one of the best quarterbacks in college football. That kind of efficiency, that's a big deal on offense if you can manage a game like that."

In talking about Pitt, Kincade talked more about the season Sunseri had. When you hear him describe Sunseri's progression from 11 touchdowns and 16 interceptions a year ago to 19 touchdowns and 2 interceptions this year, you gain a perspective on how much of a student of the game Kincade is.

"Just in touchdown to interception ratio, the completions he had, it's really impressive," Kincade said. "You're throwing the ball 20 to 30 times a game, it gets hard. He really played smart, didn't make a mistake. When you play like that, with that type of confidence, it's easy to see why he did well this year."

Aside from praising Sunseri, Kincade also talked about the Pitt coaching staff, and what kind of impact they may have made on Sunseri and the rest of the offense.

"I think its a little bit of everything," Kincade said. "The play calling can help you with that. Sometimes you just throw a ball and it gets in there. It's a lot of things, but you can tell their quarterbacks are well-prepared. You can tell they make their quarterbacks not afraid to make a mistake. Quarterbacks are able to thrive because of that."

It's even got him thinking about when he gets to Pitt, and has his chance to be a part of this offense.

"I'm really excited to learn the process," Kincade added. "It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'm real excited for that."

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