Jacobson Gears Up For Final Pitt Game

Chris Jacobson was the first player to commit to the 2007 Pitt recruiting class, committing to the Panthers in February of his junior year. After nearly a seven-year affiliation with the Pitt program, Jacobson plays his final game at Pitt in two weeks.

No regrets, that's what Chris Jacobson calls it.

The sixth-year senior was granted an extra year of eligibility after going down with a left knee injury against Iowa, in the third game of the 2011 season. Jacobson also missed his entire freshman year of 2007, after suffering another knee injury.

The injuries may have been the low point of his career, but outside of those two injuries, Jacobson says he has nothing to regret about his Pitt career.

"I don't regret anything," Jacobson said. "I just put in a lot of time here, and I enjoyed every minute of it. All the sweat, with everything, all the lifts, spring ball, camp, I loved it. If I could do it all over again, I would. After this, its time to see what else is in front of me for my next challenge to conquer."

Is there anything at all about Pitt that Jacobson will miss?

"The early wake ups," Jacobson said. "When I was a freshman and sophomore, and Buddy (Morris) had us in here at 5 am, that was bad. I won't miss that. Same with now; the early practices, and classes. I couldn't do the class thing (again). The last two years have been nice because I've only had two classes each semester because I was graduated. Once you put your time in, you can kind of concentrate on football (more)."

It won't be the last collegiate game for Jacobson, just yet. He will stay one more night in Birmingham, then fly to Tucson, Arizona, the next day to prepare for the Casino del Sol collegiate all-star game. That game will be played on January 11. After that, Jacobson will begin training for the Pitt Pro Day, which will take place in March. He already has a couple agendas in mind.

"I might train up north with (former Pitt strength coach) Buddy Morris," Jacobson said. "He's opened up a gym in Buffalo. I might go up there, or I might hang out here. We'll see. I don't know yet."

Jacobson and the rest of the seniors were given a couple weeks off by head coach Paul Chryst, before getting back into the workout routine. Even coming in Sunday, off practice for a couple weeks, Jacobson felt like he had been out of the routine for too long.

"When we went out there Sunday, you really lose your touch for a second," Jacobson said. "Now, we're back into it. It's just staying sharp, having a little bit of meetings. We'll just be able to stay in shape. Other than that, it's just keeping sharp."

Jacobson got his first career start, as a result of some extra bowl practices. Even though he was in a pretty intense battle for the starting job in 2009--a battle with then senior Joe Thomas--Jacobson was rewarded by getting his first career start in the 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl.

Comparing it to his own experience, combined with the younger players getting extra practice time, Jacobson said one lineman has stood out to him.

I think Adam Bisnowaty is going to be a stud," Jacobson said. "I feel like he'll be a four-year starter here. He's good and he's improved all year. I know Coach Hueber has done a great job with him. He really impressed me a lot. He'll do well, I believe. He's doing well. He gets his hands on people. He sits well when he's getting bull (rushed), he can block. He's doing well.

"Adam's put on about 30 pounds since he's been here. He got stronger. Whatever his bench press was, it jumped 80 pounds in just the season. He's gotten bigger, but he's also in that 18 (year-old) range, where his body is still growing. I used to be ale to do that, but now I just gain five. I might go up five pounds."

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