Home Away From Home

Is there a Panther who might be able to give the best tour of Birmingham? Ray Graham said one of his fellow seniors could do the best.

It is a third time for Pitt in Birmingham. Surely, there has to be one player who is a resident expert on the area. A few seniors gave us some mixed answers.

"I don't know," center Ryan Turnley said. "There's a lot of guys, so this is our third time. Anytime you get a chance to play an extra game; one more game, it's great. We're excited to be here."

Ray Graham didn't play in last year's game, but he did make the trip. He recommended a fellow senior who he feels knows the area the best.

"That's a good question," Graham said. "We really didn't tour except for the events that we did. A couple of us know a little bit about Alabama. Manny (Williams), he has a little bit of family down here. I think Manny would be the best for that.

"It's cool here. I like it here. A lot of history is here. You get to see a lot of things that you miss that have been going on the last year. It's cool here."

Graham also had an interesting take, aside from coming to the same city for a third year in a row.

"If this was the BCS bowl game, we'd be coming here three years in a row, and no one would be complaining," Graham said. "I'm not comparing it to that game, but it's the simple fact we get the chance to play another game. That's the best thing about this situation. We have to take advantage of it."

Mike Shanahan did add there's a hometown element to this game. Outside of Heinz Field, Birmingham is been home to three games for these Pitt seniors--the most of any venue outside of Heinz Field.

"I don't think I could (give a tour)," Shanahan said. "I've only been at Five Points, and the Sports Bar right by our hotel. Maybe some other guys. I think some other guys have ventured a little bit further.

"We were a little bit skeptical (about coming back), but not disappointed. I'm having fun down here. It's a great city with great people."

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