Video: Ole Miss Previews BBVA Bowl

There is no shortage of similarities between these two teams. Both enter the contest with 6-6 records, both have first-year head coaches. Even more, both teams are heading in a similar direction under their first-year head coaches.

We've heard all year from Pitt players about Paul Chryst, and how he's been able to relate to his team.

Probably the consistent theme we've heard this year is how Chryst has an open-door policy, knows when to have fun with his players, but also knows when it's time to get down to business.

What we learned from some Ole Miss players today is that Hugh Freeze has a similar type philosophy; one that like their Pitt counterparts, the Ole Miss players have bought in to.

"We needed something new, and we wanted something new," Nkemdiche said. "We wanted something different. We wanted to win. He came in, and he did it out of love. He showed love. He's a player's coach. There's nothing that goes on that you can't talk to him about. He's always there when you need him. He's not going to take it easy on you. He's going to get the best out of you. I love playing for him."

"He totally changed the culture," Wallace said. "The stories that I had heard, you don't hear about that anymore. I talked to some of my teammates that I played with at Arkansas State, my freshman year--this is before the season. Once you buy in, that's when you start winning games. You see about midway through the season when we bought in, that's when we started to become successful."

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