Whitehead Prepares For His Recruitment

Jordan Whitehead has already seen his teammate and good friend Robert Foster go through the recruiting process. He said Foster has already been a good mentor in how to handle some early attention

Jordan Whitehead did a little of everything as a sophomore. Whitehead was a starter as a freshman, then stepped up to become a starter on both sides of the ball this past year. He rushed for 918 yards on offense, picked off three passes on defense, scoring 13 total touchdowns.

Whitehead has already received some early interest, just as teammate Robert Foster did. He said so far, it's been easy to look to Foster for advice on how to handle the constant contact at such an early stage in his career.

"Everything he does, I follow," Whitehead said. "He's my role model. He went to Alabama. That's a big thing. It was good for him, and I'm happy for him."

Whithead represented Central Valley in the Under Armour Combine, just as Foster represented the school in the Under Armour game last week. He also says just watching his older teammate go through the process, even without talking to him, has already helped ease his mind for when it comes time to make his decision.

Whitehead mentioned a few schools that he's had some early interest with. While his decision is a long ways off, he does have a general idea in what he's looking for.

"Pitt, Penn State, Rutgers, there's a couple more," Whitehead said. "I'm probably going to take my time like he did. I don't think I'll have as much pressure as he did. I think it will be easier for me, just because he went through it, and I was here for it. I watched it, and I know how it feels. I don't really want to go far (from home), but if I have to, then I will do it."

Central Valley just completed its third year as a football program, and is already sending someone to the defending national champion. By the time Whitehead makes his college choice, that will make at least two prospects in five years to go on to play at the Division I level. He feels those kind of accolades a big for his school district, which is sandwiched between Beaver Falls and Aliquippa--two schools notorious for producing college and NFL players.

"We can say (Foster) went to Alabama, and if he goes any farther, we can say he's going to the NFL," Whitehead said. "And that's just after a couple years."

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