Harper Recaps Official Visit

Tony Harper talks about his future role with the Panthers. Harper played in six games as a senior, after battling injuries in the early part of his season, finishing with 15 catches in those six games.

Tony Harper has been committed to Pitt since June. There isn't much more the Toledo (OH) St. John standout needed to see, or needed to know more about.

Harper did like the fact that on his official visit, a significant number of committed prospects were on the visit. It made the visit more about getting familiar with his future teammates, and just becoming more familiar in his new surroundings.

"It all went well, it was a lot of fun, and I got to hang out with the other commits," Harper said. "There were a few people there who weren't commits, and we got to hang out with them too. We got to hang out with some of the freshmen players. I liked them a lot too. Everyone was real cool. It was good getting to meet players that were there already."

Being that he was a committed prospect, it did leave some time to go over specifics with the coaching staff. While he didn't get into the football side of it, he did get a better idea of where he is going to be, in terms of size, once he's ready to start conditioning with the team in June.

"I talked with Coach (Joe) Rudolph," Harper said. "He said they're going to have me playing H-back, or kind of like a tight end. That's where they have me playing. Right now, I'm at 205. I should be able to come it at 210. Eventually, they have me bulking up to 230 or 240."

Does the thought of gaining another 30 or 40 pounds scare him a little? Hardly. Harper sounds intrigued at the idea.

"Coach Rudolph says everybody differs," Harper said. "He said he did it with Lance Kendricks. He said Lance came (to Wisconsin) as a receiver at 202. He had a jump, going from 205 to 240 in his first year. (Rudolph) said I have the same type of frame, same type of build."

Thinking of adding another 30 or 40 pounds to his frame, Harper said some of the current players--without even asking them--offered some advice.

"Terrell Jackson said I need to come in shape," Harper said. "He said they'll put weight on you, but you need to come in, in shape. He said they'll work you really hard, and you don't want to be out of breath."

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