Chryst Comments On 2013 Class

As a whole, Paul Chryst says he was looking for size, and guys who were simply football players. He feels he got what he was looking for in this 2013 class. Also, see if you can pick out a starting five of basketball players in this group--something Chryst seems to value.

Carson Baker
"One of the things we wanted to do, I felt we wanted to get bigger. We wanted to get bigger on the offensive line. I think the average size in this class is 6-5, 300. Carson is a big guy, athletic. All these guys love the game. That's what makes them a good fit for us. He committed early. I'm not so sure he didn't make every game."

Chris Blewitt
"He was the best kicker we had in our camp. Jamie Kohl (who runs Kohl' Showcase for kickers), we have a good relationship with Jamie. Amongst the kickers in the country, we felt Chris was one of the best ones."

Tyler Boyd
"Obviously Tyler has gotten a lot of attention, and deservedly so. What really excites you about Tyler, he's a tremendous talent, and he's a competitor. You like that about him and Terrish (Webb) and Titus (Howard), and what they accomplished. They're winners. That's what we want to have here. Tyler, we're excited about. We think he can impact our offense a number of ways."

Zach Challingsworth
"He jumped out at us in summer camp. He's a hard worker. He's young for his (class). There's a guy, that's exactly what we're looking for."

TraVon Chapman
"We knew about Travon for a long time. He lived with one of our receivers (at Wisconsin); one we were tracking all along. A lot of guys were involved in his recruitment, and we're really excited. He came to camp, seeing him and (quarterbacks coach) Brooks (Bollinger) out on the field--they were the first ones out there, the last ones to leave."

James Conner
"There's a guy who came to camp, first jumped out at us. The more we watched him, we knew this guy was a football player. We're going to start him at running back. That guy is a football player."

Devon Edwards
"He's just a big athlete. You can't get enough of them. He's a heck of an athlete. I feel good with where we're at with the tight end spot. If he moves positions, wherever he goes, he'll impact."

Matt Galambos
"Matt was one of those guys we were in on early. The more we were around him, there's some special things to him."

Reggie Green
"From New Jersey; a tall, long athlete. He's a basketball player, too. He can play reciever, he can play basketball. His brother played college basketball. We're recruiting him as an athlete."

Tony Harper
"Tony Harper is a tight end. We had him at camp. One thing, when Joe Rudolph gets tight ends at camp, he works with them. Tony was a guy who was willing to do anything."

Rachid Ibrahim
"Rachid is one of those guys. We kept watching the film. He came to a game, we were able to see him. A lot of these guys, when you sit down with him, you realize there's something special. He is a unique person."

Tyrique Jarrett
"Tyrique Jarrett is from here, he went to Milford. He is just a big, athletic defensive lineman. He has the personality you love; you fall in love with him pretty fast. We're anxious to see him in the spring."

Dorian Johnson
"Dorian is just one of those guys. when you watch his film, his high school film is as good a high school film as you'll see. We know a lot about Dorian. We're really excited to have Dorian be here."

Jaryd Jones-Smith
"Jaryd, and he still admits it, as he grew into his body, you see every bit of potential in him. His mom is a great lady. She passed that down to her son."

Luke Maclean
"Luke played linebacker in high school, and he projects as a defensive end. He's got a grt motor. He was one of our commits in the summer. He made a bunch of games this year."

Justin Moody
"Justin Moody is a defensive end from Philly. We got to watch him in the season. he played in a few all-star games. We got so much good feedback on him. He's a great worker."

Alex Officer
"He's the smallest ne of the offensive linemen, but a young guy. He's extremely intelligent. He understands football. Here's a guy who wants to learn. I'm excited wbout the whole group."

Scott Orndoff
"I feel like I've been around him forever. We've been recruiting him for three and a half years. We've been waiting to get in with him. As for on film, he's as great a tight end we've seen on film."

Jaymar Parrish
"Jaymar is listed as a fullback, but he's a fullback/tight end type of guy. You watch him, he's just a football guy. He competes, he's a leader of their team. He got hurt late in the year. He is a wrestler, too. He's devoted. He's talented."

Zach Poker
"Zach is one of two guys we got from Wisconsin. We knew about Zach for a couple years. He played tight end and outside backer. know those coaches well who coached him. He's one of the bigger athletes. We saw his senior tape. He matured into heck of a player."

Aaron Reese
"Aaron gets the award for the first fax sent in; at 7:01. He gets a reward for that. that was part of the deal. He's an offesnvie lineman. He's big, athletic."

Shakir Soto
"He's here, started in January. I think he's a size 17 or 18 shoe. He plays with a great motor. To see those guys recruit other guys; he was one of those guys. He's got a great personality. He's got good potential."

Jeremiah Taleni
"Inoke knew his high school coach. We talked about him early; he was an explosive guy. The obvious concern, was it was a long ways away from home. he came here, and there was something special with this guy. He wants to grow as a person."

Jester Weah
"Jester is one of those guys. We've known of him since he was a freshman; tracking him. He came out to our camp. He thought that Pittsburgh was a fit for him. he got in the car and drove out here. He's a good receiver, a good athlete, and a heck of a basketball player. His school has produced a lot of basketball talent. His basketball coach unquestionably thinks he's th best athlete he's ever had."

Terrish Webb
"You talk to a lot of people, he was one of the true leaders on that (Clairton) team. There's something special about him. We had him at camp. He is a competitor."

Ryan Winslow
"We feel really fortunate to take advantage of taking a kicker and a punter. He is also a heck of a basketball player. He and Chris (Blewitt) are good athletes."

Titus Howard
"The corner from Clairton, he's as good as he is on defense as he is on offense. He's a long corner. He came to camp, and we had him ranked as our top corner."

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