Quarterbacks Continue To Progress

Both Tom Savage and Chad Voytik developing, showing promise in spring drills.

Tom Savage and Chad Voytik both have the same amount of experience in the Pitt system. Both have been here for one full season, and both are splitting reps this spring, going through drills.

With a background as a quarterback coach, quarterback is the one position where Paul Chryst can be most critical. After Thursday's practice, Chryst sounded optimistic in talking about the progress both are making this spring.

"I think they get more comfortable with certain plays," Chryst said. "They are progressing. They both came in at different places. Chad did a great job finishing practice. For a young guy, he didn't get a lot of time last year. They're working and getting better."

As far as the offense goes, we're going through it together," Voytik said. "It's been a cool process to learn together and to see it executed out here."

As the spring progresses, while Savage's forte is that of a traditional drop-back, pro-style type of quarterback, Voytik has played in a spread type of offense before. While the offense can be adjusted to fit his abilities as more of a mobile quarterback, Voytik is being asked to develop a bit of a pro-style mold. He welcomes the challenge, and demonstrated it effectively on Thursday.

He best executed it in the final offensive series on Thursday, as Chryst mentioned, a two-minute drill. He guided the offense to a touchdown, connecting with tight end J.P. Holtz.

"I have my mobility, want to use that more as a weapon, not my first option," Voytik said. "In this offense, you can do that. They shape the offense to your skills. That's encouraging. Yes, I'm trying to stay in the pocket and get through the reads."

Of course, Voytik also has the opportunity to work in some waggles and some rollouts, too.

"It was like that (Thursday), we put in some," Voytik said. "I really liked what we put in, and we executed it well."

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