Video: Jamie Dixon Talks Offseason Moves

Pitt rewarded Jamie Dixon with a ten-year contract extension two days after the team was eliminated from postseason play. Tuesday, Trey Zeigler announced he was transferring. Later that same day, Steven Adams announced he was declaring for the NBA Draft.

Less than two weeks into his offseason, Jamie Dixon has a number of things to sort through. To start, junior guard Trey Zeigler transfers after one year in Pittsburgh. Freshman center Steven Adams declares for the NBA Draft.

The Zeigler transfer might sound like it puts Dixon in a tough spot, being that Ernie Zeigler--Trey's dad and former assistant under Dixon is a close friend. According to Dixon, Trey came to him with the idea of transferring.

"We just didn't feel like this was the right situation for him," Dixon said. "He's a great kid, super kid, and we're going to help him in any way."

After talking with Adams, and even after Adams repeatedly said he would stay at Pitt, his decision to declare for the NBA Draft ultimately came down to getting a chance to provide for his family.

"Given his family situation, we really feel this is the best thing for him and his family," Dixon said. "Knowing the situation, we just felt that would be the best situation for him."

Today, former Pitt assistant Mike Rice--head coach at Rutgers--was fired, after a video of him throwing basketballs at players and yelling slurs came out on an ESPN Outside The Lines episode. Dixon said he talked with Rice after the initial allegations came out. He got emotional, in talking about Rice.

"Mike is a good friend, he's a good person, and he's a good father," Dixon said. "He's acknowledged he's made some mistakes, and he's made that very clear."

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