Video: Robinson Talks Running Backs

Desmond Robinson now has Isaac Bennett, Malcolm Crockett, Desmond Brown and Demetrious Davis to work with at running back, after Rushel Shell decided to transfer out. He wouldn't rule out moving some other players to the position, but also likes what he already has.

What's become one of the bigger stories of the spring, is Isaac Bennett now being the main guy at running back.

Has that changed Bennett's every day approach, at all?

"I don't think Isaac has changed at all, I really don't," head coach Paul Chryst adds. "He comes in and tries to work. He's not trying to change who he is and that's good. He wasn't a guy who I felt slacked before, he's just being who he is."

"I think from this time last year and now, he's improved quite a bit," running backs coach Desmond Robinson said. "He's doing some things now that he wasn't doing well last year. I think that's the same with everyone because if you're not improving day after day, I'd be a little disappointed. I'm seeing some things from him that really get me excited and that didn't just start happening in the past couple of days. I've seen those things since day one of spring ball."

Here's a complete interview with Robinson, where he goes in depth on the position as a whole, and what he has to work with:

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