Players Have Eye On Spring Game

Tom Savage, K'Waun Williams look forward to just playing a game on Friday.

Playing quarterback comes with its own set of responsibilities. Coming in as a walk-on, learning a new system, and competing for a starting spot are just part of it for Tom Savage.

Savage compared the start of spring to where he's at now.

"I definitely feel I've progressed," Savage said. "Spring ball is all about seeing what you can and cannot do. During camp and during the season, you really can't try and take some chances and try to throw some balls that you wouldn't during the season. Right now, I think we have a lot of good stuff on tape, and we get all summer just to watch it and learn from that."

Part of that film work, for Savage, includes a special camera attached to his helmet. The goal of the attached camera is to simulate what his eyes are seeing. Savage has worn the camera twice this spring, including Tuesday of this week.

"It's pretty cool," Savage added. "You get to see where your eyes are. I think it's a good learning experience for us. You can't lie to the coach anymore about where your eyes were on the play. It kind of hurts a little bit."

Cornerback K'Waun Williams just completed his third set of spring drills. For a returning senior starter, it's a bit different. That's because Williams has the challenge of defending all-conference receiver Devin Street on every play, even in individual drills with the receivers.

Williams admits it's a challenge, but a unique in that he can get the best possible preparation and chance to improve, by facing someone as talented as Street. Of course, the same goes for Street on the opposite side of the all, constantly facing a stiff challenge from Williams.

On Tuesday, for example, Street was able to slip behind Williams on a deep ball in individual drills. Williams took two sure receptions away from Street, later in practice, by simply batting the pass away.

"It's a competition every day, we just want to see who gets the best of each other,," Williams said. "We just challenge each other every day, whether it's in the locker room, playing around; we just keep on competing."

The defense returns as many as nine starters, while the offense will have several new key starters, including a new starting quarterback and running back.

At the very least, this spring has been a good chance for each side of the ball to learn about what the other brings.

"I know our defense is going to be good," Savage said. "I definitely feel bad for whoever has to play against them this year. They really give us a good look, and our defense is a phenomenal defense."

"They have a lot of big talent; big guys like Drew Carswell and Manasseh Garner, Street," Williams said of the offense. "They have a good core over there. I feel like it's going to be a good year for them, too."

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