Grimm Checks Out Pitt

In all cases, it's the college playing host to the prospect. In Michael Grimm's case, he had a chance to be the host as Pitt held its annual spring game at his Bethel Park High School.

Michael Grimm has visited Pittsburgh and Penn State this spring.

He took a short trip to Heinz Field last Friday to watch the Panthers practice. This past Friday, Pitt came to his school, to play its annual spring game.

"It was definitely an honor to see the Pitt team on my field, even see them use our locker room," Grimm said.

He's developed a pretty good relationship with the Pitt coaching staff. That should be no surprise, considering head coach Paul Chryst started off as a graduate assistant at West Virginia with his current head coach Jeff Metheny. The other graduate assistant at that time was Chris Haering, Pitt's linebacker coach, who recruits him locally.

"It was cool to watch them practice, just cool to be at Heinz Field without 40,000 there watching," Grimm said of the practice, "I liked seeing how every day practice is for them. It's not like they're putting on a show. I like how the coaches act, just to see them in a normal situation."

At the spring game, he also played host to a handful of recruits. Some a already 2013 signees like Dorian Johnson and Ryan Winslow, who were in attendance. Others, such as Shai McKenzie--another local prospect, who is going through the exact same recruiting process he is going through.

"I was talking to Shai McKenzie for a lot of the game on Friday," Grimm said. "It's cool to hear from another propect, get a different perspective, and just hear from someone else. I know I'm not the only one, its nice to hear the same problems, the same feel for some schools. It's just good to talk to someone else, to hear how they handle a certain situation."

As for the spring game itself, Grimm said he got a nice impression of how the Pitt team is modeled on the field. Similar to how he talked about watching practice, in what he called a normal situation, he had a similar impression of the game.

"I really like that they just play football," Grimm said. "There's not many all-stars on the team, but they're playing as a team. They're not focusing on one guy, or focusing on just throwing to one receiver. They're playing as a team."

Outside of getting to Pitt and Penn State, Grimm is not planning too many other visits. He's in the midst of track season, and will participate in one camp at the end of the month.

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