McHale Busy Making Visits

Michigan State and Ohio State are a couple of Jame's McHale's most recent visits. With the spring evaluation period, McHale also says there are some new schools

James McHale, after a round of junior day visits, has continued his college tour into the spring.

This week, alone, McHale was at Rutgers. Last week, it was Ohio State and Michigan State. There's also a possibility for a trip to Boston College in the near future.

(Rutgers) told me they want me to come to camp on June 8, they'll have fine of their defensive linemen there," McHale said. "They'll have five of their top defensive linemen go against five of their top offensive linemen, then decide who to offer. Michigan State, Ohio State, they want me to camp there too."Other schools such as Buffalo and UConn are also in the mix. McHale visited them, early on.

"I've stayed in contact with the Buffalo and UConn coaches," McHale added. "UConn, I'm trying to make their camp. I went to their junior day. Buffalo told me to keep the grades up, and they're going to offer."

McHale was also at Pittsburgh for a junior day. He plans on getting back there for a camp, but also says the coaches have kept in contact with him.

"Coach (Brooks) Bollinger is trying to get to my school this week or next," McHale said. "I talk to him, and he says a lot of good things. I'll probably camp there.

Ohio State is also supposed to come in here. They're going to stop by this Friday. Michigan State is going to make its way out, as well. Boston College is coming in here, and Maryland too. Coach (John) Dunn came in, he seems like a pretty good guy"

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