Ford's Interest Spikes Since Elite 11

Andrew Ford talks about the schools that have come in, the schools that are going to come in as well as a number of workouts he's planning to have at his school.

Camp Hill (PA) Cedar Cliff head coach Jim Cantafio already knows he had a good one in Andrew Ford. Cantafio, who works individually with a lot of quarterbacks at his camps, has worked with Ford for a number of years, aside from working with his as his own quarterback at Cedar Cliff.

"What makes him special?," Cantafio answered, after being asked the question. "He's a straight-A student. Two, he's obviously very intelligent, and he has a work ethic that is second to none."

This offseason, after Ford threw for over 2,900 yards and 35 touchdowns, the 6-3 quarterbacks added another 20 pounds. Last Sunday, he went out and captured the Elite 11 title at the Washington DC camp.

"He's come so far in the last year," Cantafio added. "He's gotten so much bigger and stronger. He's coming in under the radar, now. We won the Elite 11, officially invited by Trent Dilfer. Now, he's got about 15 schools that a coming to watch him work out. Everybody from the SEC to the ACC, and even schools like Oklahoma State.

"The interest has been incredible. When he left, he said, 'Coach, I'm going to compete,' and he went out there and won. He went up against guys who were offered by North Carolina, Clemson, Auburn, Maryland, West Virginua. He went up against all those quarterbacks, and he won."

For now, Ford has scheduled workouts set up with Oklahoma State and Boston College this Tuesday. Vanderbilt will come in on Thursday, followed by Virginia the following Monday. Pittsburgh was one of he first schools to show interest all along. Brooks Bolling and Bobby Engram have come by.

"I really like coach Bollinger a lot, and I know Andrew likes him a lot," Cantafio added.

"I'm very comfortable with them," Ford said. "He's had the opportunity to camp there, to meet coach Chryst, spend some time with coach Bolllinger. I like how (Bollinger) interacts with quarterbacks. Last year, coach Engram came in a couple times. Those guys went through this process. It's good to talk to those kinds of guys. Obviously, they know what they want when they come to the school."

While Bollinger came to the school to watch Ford work out, there hasn't been an offer sent out yet. The next step, however, is for Ford to get into Pittsburgh and visit with Chryst at some point. That visit could come sooner than later. Ford didn't say he was expecting an offer to come out of that visit, but he doesn't sound discouraged either.

"I'm supposed to call coach Bollinger to set that up, within next two weeks," Ford said. "There's no (date) set in stone."

Ford also did go in detail about what he likes about the Pitt offense, and how they coach it.

"It is because both of those guys (Bollinger, Engram), I remember when they were at Penn State (coaching/playing for Wisconsin), they did it the right way. I can learn from that. My goal is to get where they've been, and just experience what they did on and off the field; the NFL, the academics and athletics. They've done it.

"I just think this system is so unpredictable. When (Chryst) was at Wisconsin, it was the typcial pro offense. You're taking what the defense is giving you. You have to be smart enough as a playcaller, and it's not only taking advantage of what the defense gives you. You could see with a first-year quarterback (Tino Sunseri) in this system, they gave him some freedom. It seemed like there were a lot of option routes, and he took advantage of it. It seemed like there were a lot of option routes.I broke down film,mand they definitely took advantage of what the defense gave."

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