Cosentino Eager For Florida State

J.J. Cosentino looks ahead to his summer schedule, and talks about his excitement to join the Florida State program.

J.J. Cosentino has been committed to Florida State for a couple months, now. Even with his future set, he isn't wasting time getting ready for his senior season at Central Catholic.

Central's track record in sending quarterbacks to the next level has been pretty good in recent years. The program is known for producing Hall of Famer Dan Marino, as well as Marc Bulger. In recent years, they produced Tino Sunseri who went on to be a three-year starter at Pitt, and Perry Hills who started as a true freshman at Maryland before being injured.

"It's awesome, the quarterback tradition there, and the tradition overall," Cosentino said. "That's one of the things we always say, 'Tradition Never Graduates.' The tradition there, and the alumni, it's just fun to play there. Football is a big part of that school. We have a lot, and everyone comes to games. It's fun."

Cosentino spent last weekend with his 7-on-7 team at the King of the Spring 7-on-7. He also works privately with former Pitt quarterback Pete Gonzalez, who has tutored a number of local prospects over the years.

"It's nice, it's fun just to come out and compete with the guys," Cosentino said. "It's real laid back. It's not that competitive. We're just out here having fun. It's fun. I'm glad it's finally some nice weather.

"We played a tournament before, I've been to a couple camps. I've been working out at school and with my quarterback coach."

Cosentino went down to Tallahassee a couple weeks ago, and he's already gearing up for a return trip. He'll work out at Florida State's camp, where he's looking forward to seeing the new indoor facility. Cosentino is heading to Ohio State this weekend for the Elite 11 and the Nike Football Training Camp.

"I was actually down there for a visit, just to hang out," Cosentino said. "I'm doing the Elite 11 at Ohio State, and the Nike Camp. June 14 and 15, I'm going to Florida State's camp.

"It's really nice. Hopefully when we go down there, their new indoor facility is going to be done. I'll get to see that, and maybe we'll get to work out on the practice fields. It's a ridiculous amount of money they spent on it. Hopefully, that will be done. I'm just excited to get down there and work out with the coaches."

Being in Pittsburgh, Cosentino has the luxury of being at Florida State's 2013 opener at Pitt on September 2. He's already looking forward to that, as well as looking ahead to the Seminoles' 2013 season as a whole.

"I've had Pitt season tickets since before I was born, so it'll be cool," Cosentino said. "I'll be wearing my Florida State stuff, sitting in the Pitt section. I'm excited to see who's going to be playing quarterback. I'm pretty sure it's going to be Jameis (Winston), that's what everyone's been saying. He could get drafted in baseball. He's been killing it in baseball. I'm excited to see him play, and just everyone, and get acclimated with who I'm going to be playing with, and to see how our recruiting class is going to be."

Efen though he committed to Florida State, Cosentino said that hasn't stopped other schools from coming in. It's stressful in the sense that there is a lot of interest. Through it all, though, nothing can dissuade him from his commitment.

"Penn State just offered me," Cosentino said. "They've been pushing the subject a lot, to get me to come up for another visit even though I've been there before. There have been about 30 to 40 schools that have come by to watch me work out.

"I love being where I'm stand it's all over with. It's a little stressful with all the schools coming in and getting me to come over to them. It's nice at Florida State."

Pitt is also one of the schools that have come by, but the Panthers have not offered.

Pitt, they're one of the schools that came in," Cosentino said. "They didn't offer me, but they came in a bunch. They said they're coming back in to see me, so we'll see what happens there."

Outside of that, Cosentino said his Central team will also do a few passing camps. With several players returning for 2013 season, he's expecting to go out with a bang.

"We'll do some 7-on-7 stuff," Cosentino said. "Hopefully I do pretty good in the Elite 11 and the Nike Camp, hopefully get to go to Oregon. I have to do pretty well to do that.

"We have a lot of kids. We only lost a couple. We have almost everyone coming back. We should make it down to Heinz Field for the championship, and we'll probably be playing Gateway because they have a lot of guys coming back too."

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