Jenkins Up To Eleven Offers

2015 offensive lineman Sterling Jenkins out of Baldwin (PA) says he's humbled by the amount of interest he's received.

Sterling Jenkins impressed many, if not all, observers at the Nike Football Training Camp this past weekend in Columbus.

Jenkins' stature alone--6-8, 305--is immediately impressive. Despite being one of the younger participants, he ended up being one of the top overall performers.

Jenkins liked the overall competition factor of the event.

"No matter if I succeed or fail at these things, there's always something I can take from them," Jenkins said. "De'Shawn Hand, it was definitely great to see the number one prospect, and to see what I'm up against. To see what I have to work towards, and to set my goals. Being in the class of 2015, I still have some time to work towards."

Jenkins says he's up to 11 offers. Included in that group are schools such as Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Vanderbilt. He says Arizona, Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt are his most recent offers.

Though his ultimate goal was getting just one offer, he had no idea he'd accumulate this much interest.

"Not really," Jenkins said, when asked if he expected this kind of attention. "I didn't really expect a scholarship, but I knew I'd want to go some place with it. It was really just more of a day to day thing. I thought I was working hard, so it paid off, I guess.

"I would say that it's a blessing I get to choose what school I get to go to. The contact you can't take it for granted. I want to stay as humble as possible. Just keep going."

One of those offers, of course, is from Pitt. Jenkins says he hasn't been to Pitt, yet, for any kind of visit, but he said linebackers coach Chris Haering has been by his school.

"I've talked to Coach Haering a couple times before," Jenkins said. "I haven't really been there, but I know my dad went there. It definitely would be something cool to check out. I know (former Baldwin standout) Jason Pinkston went there, too."

In fact, Pinkston was at Baldwin for a football camp, where he offered Jenkins an impression of Pitt.

"He had an injury, so I saw him one time for a camp, he was helping out," Jenkins said. "That was the first time I met him. Ever since then, I've been keeping in touch with him, talking about the recruiting process. He's definitely cool to look up to."

Pinkton and Justin Hargrove signed with Pitt in 2006, the first athletes from Baldwin to sign with Pitt in 20 years. This past year, running back Dorian Brown signed with Ohio. Now, Jenkins is receiving a lot of interest. The Baldwin program is seeing a new wave of interest from Division I programs overall, and Jenkins is excited to be a part of that, too.

"I would definitely say with the new head coach (Peter Wagner, Jr.), it's changing," Jenkins said. "We're having all these leaders come through here. It's definitely giving a different perception of Baldwin football, instead of accepting mediocrity."

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