Grimm Mapping Camp Visits

Eric Grimm talks about which schools he's hoping to camp at this summer, and which colleges have visited his school already.

Eric Grimm is a 6-2, 210 outside linebacker from Our Lady of Good Counsel (MD), a program that produces dozens of Division I prospects every year.

As he gets set for his senior season with the Falcons, he's looking ahead to a busy summer of camps.

"I'm going to Pitt this weekend, I have some interest in Pitt," Grimm said. "I went to Delaware's camp, and I have some interest in Iowa and high interest in Purdue.

Football runs rampant in the Grimm family, as well. His dad Donn Grimm was a four-year letterwinner at Notre Dame from 1987-90, and was a big part of the 1988 National Championship team at linebacker. His uncle Russ Grimm played at Pitt, and with the Washington Redskins. He doesn't have to go too far for the right advice, heading into the recruiting process.

"My dad plays a big part in handling my recruiting, he gets all the info from the schools," Grimm says. "I see my uncle (Russ) maybe once, or twice a year. When I do, it's always a good thing. He just tells me to keep working hard, and to do what I need to do."

The Pitt camp is up first for him, this weekend. Interest in the Panthers has picked up through a couple of previous visits, and some regular contact.

"Pittsburgh, we went up, and we got invited to one of the practices," Grimm said. "We saw the weight room, the locker room. That was cool. We got to see a practice. I really liked the way they practice, and the environment they have for an education.

"I'm just planning on doing what I do at their camp, hopefully giving them a good impression. I'm going there as an outside linebacker."

As he mentioned, there's high interest in Purdue. That stems from the type of contact he's received from the first-year staff.

"With Purdue, it started with the letters and everything," Grimm said. "We started talking to the coaches, and they showed me how much they want me. They've said, 'We would like to see you have an opportunity to play at Purdue.' I'm going to head up for that camp, too."

He also plans on camping at Iowa. He has already been to a camp at Delaware just last week. Maryland, Grimm says, was the first school to contact him.

The Delaware camp, it was good," Grimm said. "That was a lot of fun for me. I get a good vibe with them.

"Iowa, their coaches saw my film, and liked what they saw. They want me to come up for a camp. Maryland always sends me e-mails and letters, just to see how things are going."

It won't be too long before Grimm kicks off his senior season. Typically, Good Counsel plays one of the toughest schedules in the country, and it sounds like 2013 won't be an exception.

"We're looking pretty good, pretty strong," Grimm said. "We always have a tough schedule. We're opening up against Gilman (MD), and that one might even be televised on ESPN. Then, our second game is in Florida."

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