Khalife Camps At Pitt

Pittsburgh was the first camp for Anthony Khalife, and he's got a couple others in the near future.

Anthony Khalife, after visiting Pittsburgh earlier this year for a junior year, went to Pitt's camp over the weekend.

"It went well, I had a good time, I learned a lot," Khalife said. "I enjoyed working with all the coaches, and I thought I did pretty good."

Khalife went with the defensive ends. He's being recruited at both positions, but felt the way the drills were going, he could have gone for either position.

"I only did defense, and I went with the ends because there were so few kids," Khalife said. "The only time (defensive ends and defensive tackles) were separate, was when we did one-on-ones."

Khalife responded well to Inoke Breckterfield's coaching. Even if it was making one slight adjustment, he understood exactly what Breckterfield was asking him to do.

"With me, the counter moves with the one-on-ones, after I was doing my first move, if I didn't get it, he'd show me a different counter move to go back with," Khalife said. "Depending on where it was, he showed us how to use it with an outside rush, or leaving inside towards the quarterback, straight. Right after he showed me the counter move, I did it right the next time, and it worked."

Khalife said he talked with a few of the other coaches in attendance, and he is supposed to contact Pitt assistant Brock Bollinger this week, or next.

After last weekend's Pitt camp, Khalife will head to Connecticut this Saturday, followed by a trip to Maryland the week after that.

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