Caliguire Eager For Senior Season

Luke Caliguire, a 6-4, 250-pound lineman for Montour, has played multiple positions on the line in his career. This year, he looks to focus strictly at left tackle.

Luke Caliguire is a 6-4, 250-pound offensive tackle for Montour High School.

His older brother Serafino Caliguire also starred at Montour, and went on to play collegiately at Georgetown. His uncle Dean went on to play at Pitt, and with the Steelers.

As he goes on with his recruiting process, Luke says his uncle is a great resource for a lot of things.

"He's always there for help and advice whenever I need him," Caliguire said. "I'll work with him individually. He's always there to give me hints, anything he can do to make me better. He's always there."

As he gets ready for his senior season at Montour, Caliguire says he has played a multiple of positions in the past. This year, he'll focus on just one.

"Last year, I moved around," Caliguire said. "I played left tackle, left guard and right guard. Tis year I'm probably going to stay at left tackle, and at defensive tackle. It's not just strength, it's conditioning. You're hitting every play as a lineman. By the fourth quarter, you're exhausted. You have to be ready. You can't take a play off."

As far as his team, Caliguire said there will be a lot of first-time starters--something he says is a good thing, and something that makes it exciting every day in summer conditioning.

"We're real excited," Caliguire said. "It's going to be a unique year. We only have three to four returning starters, so a lot of underclassmen get to step up and show what they can do during camp. Every practice is different and unique. It's not like there's a solid starting eleven. Every person is working really hard to get a starting spot.

"It's not not just going through the motions, like, 'we did it last year, lets get ready for camp.' Every practice means something to someone because they could be a starter this year."

As for his own interest, Caliguire had a good workout at the Pitt prospect camp earlier this summer. He's also planning to visit a couple of other schools in state. With a 3.7 GPA, he's also attracted some Ivy League interest.

I went to the Pitt camp, I'm going to the Lafayette and the Bucknell camp," Caliguire said. "I visited them before. Those are kind of schools I'm heading to. Then there's Ivy League schools like Columbia. I'm going to try to head up there.

"There were a lot of schools there (at the Pitt camp), Not just Pitt, a lot of smaller schools, too which was pretty cool. It was a lot of exposure. It was the first time I got to work out in front of a lot of schools at once, not just one school. I talked to head coach Paul Chryst, and offensive line coach Jim Hueber. My uncle knows him. That was kind of cool. I got to talk to the coaches a little bit."

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