Gildon Eager For Senior Season

North Allegheny is coming off another state championship, and will look to reload at some key positions. Jason Gildon looks to help with that at tight end and defensive end.

Getting set to defend back-to-back state championships, there is no slowing down when it comes to North Allegheny.

Just ask senior Jason Gildon, son of former Pittsburgh Steelers all-pro linebacker (1994-2003) of the same name.

Gildon is a 6-0, 200-pound tight end for the Tigers, and he's also hoping to line up at defensive end as well.

"It started, pretty early," Gildon said of his team's offseason preparation. "During the school year, we had workouts after school. During the summer, there's two and a half hour workouts. We have field workouts. We usually go three weeks at a time, with a week off in between. We keep on with our regimen. We don't want to lose anything that we gain in those three weeks."

Gildon says that while it's a long offseason, he and his teammates learn to have fun with it, too.

"It's a game, so you have to have fun with it," Gildon added. "You don't want to lose that aspect. You definitely don't want to lose all the stuff you've gained over the last three years. You don't want to be that team that dropped the ball."

As for recruiting, Gildon has been to camps at Pittsburgh and West Virginia. He's hoping to start off big in his senior season, to attract some college interest.

"There was a Pitt 7-on-7 that I went to; Pitt, West Virginia," Gildon said. "Just stuff that will improve my speed and catching. We did pretty well. It's kind of weird for us because the team before us was all seniors. We just have to get in sync.

"I think it's too early to say. I think once I get out there some more, the chances will increase. They're not going to come to someone who's not putting in the work. I definitely have to step up my game."

The Tigers face a tough test right away, in week one, as they take on Mount Lebanon, led by Penn State commit Troy Apke and four-star offensive tackle Alex Bookser.

"We should do pretty well this year," Gildon said. "I think it's the same schedule we had last year. I'm not worried about the season at all."

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