Stewart Checks Out Pitt

Rasaan Stewart was in for the Pitt-Florida State game on Monday night, and despite the score, says it won't have a negative impact on his recruiting.

A 41-13 loss is disappointing to see for a lot of reasons. However, it doesn't scare off a prospect like Rasaan Stewart.

Though Stewart would have liked to have seen Pitt win, he understands it's a young team. In fact, that was one of the positives he took from an otherwise dreadful loss.

"The atmosphere was outstanding, and my parents loved it too," Stewart said. "It's the support the city has for the team. It's a good thing that I went."

"You could tell from the get-go, they were going to play people young; who's going to show up. That's good when you go in there and see that. Some coaches will tell you you're going to play early, then you get lost in the shuffle. When (Pitt coaches) tell you, they mean it."

If he had to pick a favorite part of the visit to Pittsburgh?

"Just the electricity of the pregame environment," Stewart said. "It kind of died down after awhile, but they definitely show a lot of support and a lot of love there."

Earlier in the day, on Monday, Stewart had the chance to tour around and even have lunch on campus. Afterwards, and even despite the loss, Pitt coaches--specifically Jim Hueber his recruiting coach--was willing to talk to him for a little bit.

"I went in the locker room, and you could tell they weren't in the talking mood, but they still came over and talked to me; Coach Hueber, Coach House, Dann Kabala," Stewart said.

In fact, Hueber told him he's coming to watch him play this coming Friday.

"That means a lot," Stewart said. "He's coming to my game Friday, it just means a lot that he'd take the time to come out."

In his first game this past Friday night, Stewart finished with 21 tackles on defense with three touchdown passes on offense, leading Perkiomen Valley to a 33-0 win over Plymouth Whitemarsh.

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