Video: Rori Blair

A very inspiring story, Rori Blair returns to the field, to finish with five tackles, two tackles for losses, a sack and a blocked punt that went out of the end zone for a safety. Here are some of Blair's highlights from Week One.

Asked about the emotion that Pittsburgh commit Rori Blair brought back with him to the lineup, Upper St. Clair Jim Render summed it up.

"I'm just happy the young man is alive," Upper St. Clair head coach Jim Render said. "Anything he does beyond that is wonderful.

"It was nice to see Rori make a block (punt). That was a big play. He was very quick off the edge."

Here is a look at what Blair did, as he returns to the field for the 2013 opener against Woodland Hills.

Rori Blair - No. 5 (away)

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