Offense Looking For More

Paul Chryst, players optimistic about the offense despite just 13 points against Florida State in its 2013 debut.

Running backs Issac Bennett and James Conner rushed for 35 and 34 yards, respectively, in their 2013 debut against Florida State last week.

For starters, is it a matter of personnel? Does the offensive line have to adjust to several different ball carriers? And if they do, is there one blocking scheme for Bennett and another for Conner or even Tyler Boyd?

"A lot of times, I don't even know who the back is in the game," right guard Matt Rotheram said. "You're into the game zone, you're into the blocking, your job, your assignment, you don't even realize it."

Overall, the offensive line has gotten some good marks from head coach Paul Chryst, despite allowing three sacks last week and having some trouble opening holes for the running backs. Two of those three sacks came on corner blitzes from Lamarcus Joyner.

No need for personnel changes. At the same time, Rotheram says while there were some good things, it's a constant effort at getting better and gelling as a unit.

"It's tough, because you can have 10 guys playing really good, and then one guy misses his assignment and it's tough," right guard Matt Rotheram said. "We have to work through that."

Aside from a new look offensive line--five new starters, if you include Rotheram and Cory King starting at new positions--Pitt had a quarterback and tight end (Tom Savage, Manasseh Garner) playing for the first time in over a year, not to mention a total of 18 true or redshirt freshmen seeing the field.

Garner, who scored Pitt's lone touchdown of the night, says new players or not, the offensive players are ready to build from the Florida State game.

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