Coach Speak: Matt House

Turnovers haven't affected either of Pitt's games this season. Terrish Webb recovered a fumble last week for the lone turnover produced this season. While it is still early, defensive coordinator Matt House would like to put an emphasis on that this week against Duke.

Sure, 213 yards on the ground is a lot to give up. However, for an offense like New Mexico--the triple-option attack--Matt House came away particularly pleased with how his defense responded after the Florida State game.

"We really were relentless, we really leveraged the ball," House added.

A big part of the defense's success on Saturday was getting linebacker Todd Thomas back in the starting lineup. Thomas tied with Jason Hendricks for the team-lead, with 10 tackles.

"No question," House said, emphatically. "He's been unbelievable and he's been prepared."


If there's one thing he could change, it would be that he could get a full game of control from his defense. For example, Pitt led 35-6 at halftime, giving up 74 yards of total offense in the first half. In the second half, Pitt allowed 196 total yards.

If anything, House is concerned with just putting two halves together.

"It was a tale of two halves," House said. "We played really well in that first half. If you go back on tape and look at the second half, there are some things we can correct."

One area he'd like to see improvement in, is the turnover area. Pitt's offense has turned the ball over six times in two games--a separate story of itself. But, what can the defense to do help out, maybe getting the ball back?

"You're always trying to emphasize turnovers," House said. "Hats to the ball. The more hats to the ball, the more likely you are to get a turnover."

Here is the rest of House's interview, as he looks ahead to Saturday's game with Duke.

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