Stewart's Still Undecided

Graterford (PA) Perkiomen Valley safety Rasaan Stewart has nine schools to choose from on his list of scholarship offers. Stewart's list from this past summer has been tossed out, and instead the senior safety's list is now changing day-to-day.

Boston College, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Syracuse were the top four on the list of Graterford (PA) Perkiomen Valley safety Rasaan Stewart this past summer. In only two months that list is gone and Stewart is back to square one.

The 6-1, 180-pound Stewart has racked up offers from Boston College, Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple and Villanova. Although, Stewart hasn't received offers from Georgia Tech or Maryland, both are still on the recruit's radar.

"Obviously there are schools that are doing a better job than others with recruiting me," Stewart told Panther Digest. "I can't really make any judgments, because a lot of the coaches are busy with their own players and the season. I can't be upset if one school doesn't contact me as much as I want them to, because that's just how it is. I do talk to Pitt and Villanova on a regular basis though. I also talk to Georgia Tech, Boston College and Syracuse every now and then."

The three-star athlete is ranked as the No. 94 safety in the country by Fox Sports Next. He has no future visits marked down on his calendar. So far Stewart has attended three games this season to watch the Pitt verse Florida State game, the Syracuse verse Penn State opener at MetLife Stadium and the Villanova verse Stony Brook game this past Saturday. Even after all his visits, Stewart has no front-runner in his list of eleven schools.

Stewart said he would try to visit the rest of the schools throughout the season when he has some free time from football and school. The safety is steering away from the recruiting stress and focusing on his senior season.

"My list changes day-to-day for me," said Stewart. "I'm undecided right now and I'm not leaning toward any particular school. I don't even have a top leader at the moment. I'm just going with the flow for now."

While Stewart claims to be taking it slow for now, he did mention it's hard for him to ignore all eleven teams and their games every Saturday. Especially when he talks with coaches on a regular basis such as Pitt's defensive coordinator, Matt House. Not to mention how hard it is to forget about how exciting the games at MetLife Stadium and sitting on the sidelines at the Villanova game this past weekend were for the senior safety. The one factor that has caught Stewart's attention the most are the Panther freshmen.

"It's exciting to see so many freshmen playing," said Stewart. "The Pitt coaches have been saying from the get go that they will give the young guys like myself an opportunity to play. The cool thing is when you actually see those young guys playing in a game you realize that they're not all talk. They're actually backing up what they say so it's definitely something that stands out."

Stewart's decision is now a waiting game for all the schools on his growing list. The same goes for House and the rest of the Panther staff who are left waiting and hoping the Pitt offer stands out the most among all the other scholarships.

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