Coach Speak: Matt House

Virginia Tech QB LoganThomas enters Saturday's game averaging 223.5 yards of offense per game. Will Pitt's defensive performance be more like the one they had Duke where Brandon Connette ran wild, and threw for a few scores? Or, will they be able to contain Thomas as they did against Virginia's David Watford.

One thing to keep an eye on for this weekend. In his weekly interview this week, Matt House talked about getting to a quarterback's spot--or putting pressure on that spot.

Pitt has nine sacks this season, six of them coming from Aaron Donald. The only other defensive lineman with a sack is Bryan Murphy with one, and he's been out the last two games.

House says he isn't concerned with stats, in this case sacks. Instead, he's looking for his defensive line--specifically the ends--to disrupt Logan Thomas' spot, hurrying him.

That might not be a bad idea, considering Jason Hendricks had two interceptions the last time that happened.

Here is the rest of House's speech from Wednesday:

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