Herndon Ready For Pitt

Mike Herndon, a 6-4, 325-pound prospect, has his team gearing up for a top playoff seed.

Mike Herndon committed to Pitt shortly after coming to a prospect camp in. June.

Since then, he's helped his Riverheads (Va.) team to a 6-0 record, including a 51-6 win over Page County this past Friday. In that win, Herndon finished with 12 stops on defense, playing in just the first half and one series into the second half.

Herndon moves around quite a bit--playing multiple positions on the offensive line, lining up at defensive tackle and at linebacker.

Riverheads head coach Robert Casto says it's no surprise that Herndon is on his way to playing for a Division I program.

"Mike did well, he did what Mike does--stuff the middle," Casto said. "We move him around. We do have fun with a 6-5, 320-pounder. He's a hard-nose kid. Even a game like this, where we didn't need to have our 'A' game, he doesn't take plays off. He's business."

Herndon also had some offers from Western Michigan, Connecticut, Virginia Tech, to name b few. He's been on the varsity team since he was a freshman. Herndon was a member of the 2010 Riverheads state championship team that year. Though he wasn't a starter at the time, Herndon was someone that Casto felt he had to bring up to the varsity team ahead of schedule.

"He didn't play a whole lot his freshman year," Casto said. "It was great for him. He started as a sophomore, both ways. Then last year, we moved him to linebacker because he's such a great athlete."

Pitt's Desmond Robinson came to watch Casto's game Friday, while Pitt was a couple hours away playing at Virginia Tech. Casto says he's impressed in the way the Pitt coaching staff has recruited his star player.

"I think it's great for him and for our school," Casto said. "We've never had a big-time Division I player since I've been here. He's a very humble kid. He takes it all in stride.

"When he went to Pitt and met with [defensive coordinator] Matt [House], he loved him. He treated Mike like he was a person. They came in and saw him. As soon a he got to camp, and they saw him move, they liked him."

Riverheads, 6-0, has a big matchup this week with a 5-1 Wilson Memorial team that could dictate playoff seeding.

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