Coach Speak: Rudolph, Hueber

Pitt's offense has allowed 15 sacks in its last two games, while rushing for 31 yards on 61 carries in the same span.

In the first three games, things were flying smoothly for the Pitt offense, not so much for the Pitt defense.

In the last two games, the tides have turned.

Pitt's defense has reversed field, allowing just one touchdown in its last eight quarters of football. Unfortunately, the offense has only scored three in the same span.

"We're just not getting it done," offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph said Tuesday.

Head coach Paul Chryst said the offense as a whole, including players and coaches together, need to take ownership of the offense' problems and get it worked out.

The high sack total over the last two games and low rushing output can be attributed to the offensive line. At the same time, running backs aren't making plays, and the passing game isn't able to help deter attention away.

One thing offensive line coach Jim Hueber was adamant about on Tuesday, is that he's got his group's back. He isn't looking to make personnel changes or bench guys. He's looking to develop them.

"That would not be fair to the kids," Hueber said. "That's not what it's about. We're trying to teach these kids for the long haul."

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